Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Ranger's work is never done .......

Yesterday on our Facebook page it was suggested that .......

This is the sort of thing our Rangers should be doing :)

Our Winter Warmer Walk is happening tomorrow (Sunday 25th November - 12.30pm - 3pm). Enjoy a gudied walk of the park with our ranger, James. Booking is needed so please ring 01746 781 192 to secure your place.

Here was the reply from Morgan Bowers, one of the four senior Countryside rangers employed full time by Walsall Council. We believe much of what the Rangers do goes above and beyond the call of duty.

This year .....
Park Lime Pits we have done bee walk and bat walk, two foraging bike rides. 
Merrions Wood has had Winter ramble, spring walk, bluebell walk, bumblebee walk and butterfly walk. 
Barr Beacon has had bat walk, Halloween ghost walk, bumble bee walk, and FIVE astronomy events.
The Grange has had bee walk and two bioblitz days. 
I've also done around half a dozen newt survey and identification days, two other bat walks (Daw End canal), peregrine watch, beetle surveys, insect survey training days, aquatic plant identification training & surveys, reptile surveys, and loads of talks about wildlife, bats, representing Walsall at national conferences. 
And I am just 1 of 4 rangers. 
All of these events were free and widely publicised. 
If anyone is unaware of them and wants to stay in the loop, 
they should 'like' ......
join the BCBG on
or simply regularly check, where all my events are publicised. 
Oh, and keep an eye on for a spring and summer FULL of butterfly events, lots of new dates about to be posted.
And I can assure you that the other 3 rangers do as many events (although theirs are often conservation, forest-school or bushcraft related, as we all have different areas of expertise). 
Hope this helps convince you that we do the occasional guided walk.

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