Thursday, 15 November 2012

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This is the leaflet we have produced for handing out on Monday at the Council House (dbl-side A5)

Save Walsall's Green Spaces and Countryside Services
We are very concerned at the cuts to the Green Spaces and Countryside Services identified in your proposed budget for 2013 and beyond. Walsall is blessed with a variety of green spaces and areas of outstanding beauty. From heathland to man made quarry ponds, woodland walks to scenic vistas.
However these reserves do not manage themselves, it takes an incredibly devoted team of specialists to maintain and promote their use and protect the future availability as a legacy to our children. Not only do these provide a welcome reprise for the population of Walsall, the Rangers also tackle issues of worldwide importance, working with local landowners to ensure the best use of their land to protect and monitor biodiversity. It is becoming recognised that the symbiotic relationship of man and nature has to be nurtured to ensure a healthy planet and Walsall is very much up there in this department. The Rangers provide tireless enthusiasm to all aspects of the Countryside but this enthusiasm isn't just from the heart, it is backed up with bags full of experience and qualifications. This expertise isn't something that Walsall can afford to lose, without it amateurs such as ourselves and the friends groups devoted to protecting the future use of these areas of outstanding beauty could actually do more damage than good. Without these experts, we could not understand the complex relationships than ensure a secure future. We understand how this could be seen as an easy target for cuts but in reality the short term financial gains would result in the long term destruction of many places that make Walsall wonderful. We urge you to carefully consider the implications of your proposals and how they will affect the richness of your population's lives.    


Ordinary Walsall residents, proud of our town and its green spaces.
We have many supportive groups including ….
Friends of Park Lime Pits            Friends of Merrions Wood
Friends of Shire Oak Park                  Friends of Moorcroft Wood

has now been signed by ...........................                                   120
Petition Overview: 
"We, the undersigned, petition the council to …......
Reconsider the 2013 budget proposals for Walsall Green Spaces and Countryside Services. We are concerned that proposed redundancies will signal the demise of this precious and well loved department, our community green spaces and local nature reserves.
All Green Space staff including Countryside Rangers are an asset to the town and borough and are an essential service to the people of Walsall demonstrated by their hard work and commitment in caring for and improving our green spaces, promoting environmental issues of local, national and international importance. They share their passion, knowledge and expertise to the people of Walsall in many guises including local residents groups, user groups and friends groups.
Rangers are an asset that Walsall cannot afford to lose. We ask that the Council do not make redundancies and instead look seriously at other routes including maximising income from the resource. We also ask that the council remember that our green spaces are our legacy to the town's young people and of generations yet to come. We are merely guardians of them and as such should not be neglected or destroyed."
We have a very strong social media presence that includes Facebook, Twitter and several local blogs devoted to Walsall's neighbourhoods and nature reserves. They include …...




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